Challenge: Repatriation

Why repatriation may occur as challenging as expatriation?

Many of ‘repatriate’ employees experience a reverse culture shock
going back home.
Returning to the home country even after only a few years of living
abroad maybe as challenging as immersion in a new culture. While
there might be different reasons for feeling as a ‘stranger’ and
‘being out of place’ there are also different strategies to deal with it.
Many of repatriated people maintain acquaintances made abroad or
search for contacts to expatriates living around them, especially
when they have ‘a third culture kids’.

A recent survey conducted by BGRS, a talent mobility company
shows what kinds of implications there might be for an employer
after the repatriation of its employees. According to it, even though,
14% of the employees ‘are more likely to leave their company within
two years of returning as compared with other employees’ 37%
indicated that their ‘repatriated employees increased their aptitude
to conduct cross-border business’ and so to see the international
assignment as an enrichment for their personal and professional