In Expat Heaven

‘In expat heaven, safety levels are Swiss, leisure options are South
African, teachers are Finnish and neighbours are Mexican. In expat
hell, safety levels are South African, leisure options are Finnish,
teachers are Mexican and neighbours are Swiss’.

Different cultural backgrounds, different perception.

Expat Insider 2017 survey published in September by InterNations
reveals how the expatriate community perceives its host countries
and how differently it can value various aspects of living.

A special focus is given to Switzerland that has dropped from the
fourth-best place to live in 2014 to the 27th in 2017. Whereas it
scores very high on safety and security, work conditions and
transportation, it gets a rather low grade (place 61) in terms of
making friends as the expats describe Swiss as ‘reserved’, ‘distant’
or ‘traditional’. Therefore, the majority of the survey participants,
about 52%, admits to having exclusively friends among foreigners.
(Another interesting question would be to specify the definition of a
‘friend’ as it may vary a lot across countries, too.)

However, Switzerland is one of the countries with the highest
income but also with the highest expenses, most of the survey
respondents are generally pleased with their living conditions in the
Helvetic Confederation.

To find out more about the survey results and maybe more
similarities or contrasts to your own situation, please follow this link.