Who I am

Born behind the Iron Curtain, it was only in my imagination that I could travel the world and meet new people from different cultures. To fulfil my dreams, I started learning foreign languages to achieve these ambitions. Now I am fluent in Polish, English, German and French.

It seemed I was born at the right time as in 1989 communism collapsed. I took the chance to earn a Master’s degree in European Studies specializing in International Relations at the University in Poznan (Poland) and moved abroad.

There, I firstly came across the challenges of global team building through my work on a number of complex IT projects in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Poland at companies such as Swisscom, Unilever, E.ON or CEGEDEL.

I saw first-hand how important cultural awareness was to the smooth-running of international teams and how simple, avoidable misunderstandings could trigger costly delays.

To turn in founded knowledge my passion for cultural diversity and the gathered professional experience I graduated in Master in Intercultural Communication (MIC) at the University in Lugano.

Now, I’m working as an Intercultural Communications Trainer and Facilitator and created my own company, K. Grzesik-Harz Intercultural Training & Consulting in 2018.

My intercultural programs are based on recognized, management consulting techniques as well as concepts and methods from the field of the intercultural communication. The ultimate goal is always to enhance cultural awareness whether for a family, a small business or a major corporation.

In Brief

I was born and raised in Poland. After several years of working in Germany, I moved in 2012 to the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Being married to a German, having a 7-year-old daughter speaking four languages and living in a multinational neighbourhood, I appreciate every day the magic of multiculturalism and multilingualism.

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Partners and Resources

Close collaboration with:

  • CrossOverBridgingCultures, a training company from Bangalore
  • AEB Law, a bilingual Swiss law firm based in Lausanne, helping expatriates and foreign corporations in Switzerland 
  • Innkick, coaching company in specialized in the corporate leadership development

A member of:

  • SIETAR Switzerland – Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, a large network of independent intercultural trainers and coaches