Assessment of intercultural sensitivity

Working in different parts of the world broadens our outlook but it doesn’t necessarily make us culturally aware or sensitive to cultural differences.

The capacity to see people in their own cultural context and not through a prism of cultural stereotypes takes time and it’s a mindful step-by-step process.

This half-day program illustrates the stages of the developmental model of intercultural sensitivity created by Milton J. Bennett. It starts with the deny and defence against cultural differences and ends up in an ideal case with their acceptance and integration into the life.

Furthermore, the workshop will help you assess how far along you are in your own journey as well as how you can progress.

Our Program

Some elements of the workshop:

  • What is « culture » and how it shapes our decisions and perceptions
  • The different stages of intercultural sensitivity
  • Assessment of your intercultural sensitivity
  • How to move from the ethnocentric to an ethno-relativist perspective

Benefits for you

  • An understanding of the developmental model of intercultural sensitivity and your own progress
  • A broad understanding of the fundamentals of integrating into a new community
  • The foundations of effective communication
  • An appreciation of different cultural values at home and work and how you can use this to your advantage
  • Enhanced intercultural competencies to ensure you make the most of your overseas posting

Benefits for your organisation

  • Reduced risk of employees quitting overseas postings
  • Reduced risk of critical incidents
  • Greater cultural awareness among employees
  • Improved business branding and reputation as a culturally aware organisation

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