Expatriation and Repatriation

For most people, the chance to live and work overseas is met with a mix of excitement and anxiety amid preparations to move their home and often family to a new location.

It’s a rare opportunity to enhance their professional competencies as well as immerse themselves in a new culture.

The reality of setting up home in a new country is often quite different and challenging in many unforeseen ways. Linguistic and more importantly cultural differences can quickly leave individuals and families feeling isolated.

Moving back ‘home’ can also be challenging especially after a long assignment and progressive companies are working to avoid « reverse culture shock » when workers return to their home country.

Our one-day expatriation and repatriation program will educate participants about their destination country and provide them with practical strategies to avoid miscommunications and ensure a smooth transition to their new home.

Our Program

Some elements of the workshop:

  • What « culture » is and how it shapes our perceptions
  • The process of settling into your new home
  • « Culture shock » after expatriation
  • Key cultural aspects of your new country
  • How cultural values effect communication and teamwork
  • Preparing for repatriation

Benefits for you

  • An awareness of basic cultural differences between you, your national culture and the culture of your host country
  • The capacity to navigate a new culture both at work and at home, including integration strategies for your host country
  • An understanding of common psychological responses to expatriation
  • Deeper understanding of your colleagues’ cultural values and how these may impact on communication and team-building
  • Enhanced intercultural competencies to ensure a successful international assignment

Benefits for your organisation

  • Reduced risk of employees quitting international assignments
  • Reduced risk of critical incidents
  • Reduced exposure to the negative elements of expatriation and repatriation
  • Improved support for the assignees families in a new environment
  • More culturally aware employees with greater interest in international postings
  • Enhanced reputation as an employer that values the total wellbeing of its team

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