Project Management
in Cross-Cultural Setting

Successful project management can be measured by answering four simple questions.
« Are we within scope? » , « Are we on time? » ,
« Are we in budget and can we meet our quality goals? »

Leading complex projects in a mono-cultural environment is challenging but hitting these goals in a multicultural environment requires something more – a nuanced understanding of how different cultures work together.

Team leaders often focus on goals and milestones without considering how cross-cultural differences lead to miscommunications, demotivate staff and ultimately contribute to costly delays.

This one-day interactive workshop focuses on improving cultural awareness through practical tools to build a unified team.

Our focus on building on similarities and not getting ‘bogged down’ in differences powerfully brings together project management best practice with the unlimited potential of a multicultural workplace.

Our Program

Some elements of the workshop:

  • What « culture » is and how it shapes our perceptions
  • Cultural values and how they impact on teamwork
  • Overcoming cultural differences while preparing and leading projects
  • How to build trust and communicate effectively across cultures
  • How to develop intercultural competencies
  • Experience exchange among the workshop participants

Benefits for you

  • Greater awareness of intercultural competencies
  • Greater understanding of different cultural values and the potential impact of these on key issues such as time management, communication and relationships.
  • A practical understanding of how to overcome challenges in cross-cultural projects
  • A checklist for effective communication
  • Enhanced cultural competencies for success in a global workplace

Benefits for your organisation

  • Reduced risk of critical incidents and miscommunications among employees
  • Reduced risk of project delays or failure
  • Improved performance of multicultural teams
  • Greater cultural awareness among employees
  • Stronger global profile for your business

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