Welcome to Switzerland!
A country briefing workshop for students

Studying overseas is an exciting opportunity for students to further their education and experience a new culture.

However, making friends and building new relationships can be tough in a new country and many international students find it difficult to make meaningful relationships outside of the expat community.

The key to making the most of your overseas study tour is a thorough understanding of both your university or education institution as well as the cultural values of your host country.

We have carefully designed a half-day program to help you better appreciate your own cultural values as well as the unique attributes of your host community.

This course will give you the tools to effectively and respectfully communicate, form new relationships and build trust with your fellow students.

Our Program

Some elements of the workshop:

  • What is « culture » and how does it affect behaviour?
  • How we see others, generalisations versus stereotypes
  • Historical, economic and socio-demographic facts about Switzerland
  • Swiss society and its key values
  • Social etiquette in Switzerland

Benefits for you

  • A smoother transition to your new education institution
  • An enhanced awareness of your own values and beliefs as well as Swiss values
  • Enhanced cultural competencies to help you build relationships in Switzerland
  • Reduced risk of miscommunications and social blunders
  • Enriching cultural immersion in your new home

Benefits for your organisation

  • Stronger global brand on the international education stage
  • Enhanced reputation as a culturally sensitive organisation
  • Greater appeal to foreign students
  • Improved capacity to attract overseas grants or research projects

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