Welcome to your new home!
A country briefing workshop

Moving or setting-up a business abroad is a complex and sometimes challenging endeavour but with some simple cultural insights you can avoid the most common mistakes.

An understanding of the values of the country you are moving to is essential and our half-day program will provide some practical insights into your own beliefs as well as the cultural peculiarities of your destination country.

This program demonstrates how to effectively communicate in your new home, build relationships and establish trust with new neighbours or business partners.

We have tailor-made workshops for the following countries – Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech, Ukraine, Belorussia, Latvia, Russia. Other countries on request.

Our Program

Some elements of the workshop:

  • Historical, economic and socio-demographic facts about your new home
  • Key feature of social etiquette
  • Important elements of business etiquette

Benefits for you

  • Greater awareness of your own values and the belief system of your host country
  • The tools to build sustainable relationships in your new environment
  • Enhanced understanding of social norms
  • Reduced risk of miscommunications
  • Greater chance of a peaceful transition to your new home

Benefits for your organisation

  • Greater awareness of the working values and habits of a host country or new business partner
  • Reduced risk of business failure
  • Enhanced reputation as a trusted organisation that respects the rules of the host market
  • Tailored-made workshop run by an expert in the culture for each country

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