West meets East,
the Asian mind-set

Doing business in the East can be a baffling experience for European organisations, which can get caught out by significant differences in communication styles as well as cultural values.

Many Asian countries put heavy emphasis of non-verbal communication, including rituals and traditions which puzzle uninformed westerners.

In some eastern cultures, it is rude to say ‘no’, which is confusing if you’re trying to negotiate an agreement but don’t mix up this politeness with weakness.

Those gentle, smiling faces mask an iron will which must be understood and respected if you are to do business in this part of the world.

Our one-day course dives beneath the veil of the ‘exotic’ East to help you understand their thinking and beliefs as well as improve your chances of success.

This program also provides practical advice for meeting Asian business partners or colleagues as well as the keys to building relationships, establishing trust and effectively communicating.

Our Program

Some elements of the workshop:

  • A definition of « culture » and how it informs our thinking and actions
  • The historical roots of Asian culture(s)
  • What makes Asian cultures so unique and so different from the West
  • How to build relationships with business partners and colleagues from Asia

Benefits for you

  • Basic intercultural competencies necessary to work effectively across cultures
  • An enhanced understanding of different cultural values from Asia and how these inform communication styles
  • How to meet, greet and overcome challenges when meeting with Asian colleagues or business partners

Benefits for your organisation

  • Reduced risk of critical incidents as a result of miscommunications
  • Improved potential for business opportunities in the vast Asian region
  • Demystification of the ‘orient’
  • Enhanced understanding of how much we have in common with the East
  • Improved global business brand and reputation as a culturally aware operation prepared for the challenges of a globalised market

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