This is all about the (Intercultural) Game…

How long is the attention span of adults? How long can you teach theory without falling your trainees asleep? How to balance theory and practice? Which kinds of games and activities can you use if you have only little time in your workshop? What’s the importance of debriefing? Which approach is better: briefing and activity or activity and debriefing?

Thank you to all fellow interculturalist for sharing knowledge and experience and all the inspiring games and activities played during the Intercultural Gamification – Play, Connect, Learn, Create, Facilitate: Intercultural Games for Training in Organizations, Education & Social Acculturationtaken place on the eve of the SIETAR Europe Congress 2019 in Leuven and the Thiagi’s Interactive Training Tools Workshop in Winterthur.

I’m very grateful for this valuable and enriching input for my work as IC Trainer that will be put into practice during incoming training sessions.