Walking on the intercultural minefield

Earlier this week I had an opportunity to use for the first time the game Intercultural Minefield in the German language. I ran an online workshop about the principles of intercultural communication for the association of Polish women living in Germany, POLIN e. V.

The workshop was preceded by a couple of weeks of cooperation with Maria Todoysichuk to issue her game in the German version.

Due to several weeks of online teaching of the college students in Asia, I was confident about the game. Nevertheless, dealing with a totally different and much more mature audience confronted me with completely new questions and perspectives.

We all know that the fact of living abroad doesn’t automatically make us culturally aware. However, a long experience of switching between two cultures, Polish and the German one, combined with a lot of reflections, resulted in a greater openness and cognitive flexibility towards other, culturally driven responses.

The outcome of the game?

All cultural mines have been successfully solved.

Bravo to my participants!